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We all come in different shapes and sizes...

We all come in different shapes and sizes... Read more

Be comfortable in your body
whoever you are and whatever you are doing!


Good posture makes you look good and feel great. Bad posture wears you down, creates unnecessary stress and pain.

The old fashioned image of good posture, a ‘dead’ rigid spine, is archaic. Good posture is about moving freely, being pain-free and full of life.

Check out what Posture4u™ can do for you!

  • “Doctor Porter and Phoebe Machin, the Physio, both recommended Pilates for my core stability muscles... I saw Murielle, a French Pilates instructor. After a month of daily 20 minutes sessions designed for me by Murielle, my pelvic muscles were getting stronger and stronger. It felt good. It is now six months since my back problem started and I am much improved. A combination of physiotherapy, Pilates and pain killing injections seems to have worked...”
    Jonny Maitland
    The Mail on Sunday: Beating backache – 14/09/08
    Appeared on “Beating Backache" – 19/09/08
  • “Murielle is warm, enthusiastic and remarkably knowledgable. Her workshop covers a wide range of day to day issues that many of us will not have thought about. It is well researched and presented in a fun and practical manner. I now regularly recommend Murielle to my friends and patients, and can definitely see an improvement in my own back pain.”
    Claire Williams - GP
    May 2012

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