• 21 July 2012

Welcome to Posture4U!

Look good, feel great. Live life to the full, for longer free of pain.

Too many people hurt themselves unnecessarily through bad postural habits. The Posture4U blog gives you tips on how to improve your environment and take care of your body so you are comfortable whatever you are doing.

I know my stuff. You can trust my judgement and expertise. I’ve been teaching and ‘fixing’ bodies for years.

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I would appreciate your feedback so please leave a comment (a simple ‘thank you’ will do). If you need any advice, don’t hesitate to contact me.



  1. Stefan Hoppe

    You do indeed undoubtedly know your stuff!!
    Thank you Murielle for helping me out with my posture! Your advices have truly been priceless. I finally understand the mechanics of my body and little did I known how bad my posture actually was, where my back, shoulders and neck chronic problems were coming from. Your advices and exercises have worked wonders! THANK YOU! Stefan

  2. jackie reeves

    Grea, t Murielle, my first visit to site!! Thank you

    Jackie x

  3. Susannah Doyle

    About two years ago I wanted to start yoga and for it to become part of my lifestyle, but finding the right teacher that suits you is not so easy. I took a Pilates lesson with Murielle and realised that the teacher was the main thing, even more so than the practise, so now I have integrated Pilates as part of my life instead. With some extra curricular yoga classes also thrown in!

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