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Insoles to support your feet and body.


A cheap alternative to professionally made orthotics.

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Healthy liver, healthy you!


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Right bra size?

If your bra doesn’t support your breasts properly, you are more likely to have rounded shoulders, kyphosis (too round upper back) or/and head forward posture. So please visit a bra fitting service if you haven’t done so yet.
PS: Rounding your shoulders to hide big breasts doesn’t work, it makes things worse!
Check out the excellent video by Figleaves.


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Benefits of meditation

Reduction of stress

Improve cardiac health

Stronger immune system

Improved sleep

Helps weight management

Better memory, concentration and creativity



Tips for successful meditation

Comfortable position

Right temperature for you

Quiet room

Phones off

Kids busy or in bed



Lying legs supported on a chair if you have back pain.

Lying on the floor, pillow underneath your knees to avoid straining your lower back.

Sitting on a chair with your back right against the back rest.

Sitting on a meditation stool

Sitting on the floor, leg crossed (requires flexible hips!). You can sit against the wall to support your back.


How to

Stay still ignoring outside noises and thoughts. The monologue in your head will keep going, just don’t dwell on it. If it is too loud, just concentrate on your breathing; it will occupy your mind. Just enjoy being there with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Enjoy the peace. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Note: Some sessions will be more successful than other. Practice makes perfect.

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