November 2012

The nightmare before Christmas!

The dreaded Christmas shopping can take its toll on your body!

So get organised to avoid breaking your back before christmas.

The easy option is to shop on line. No queues, no crowds, no carrying. As long as you are comfortably sitting at your desk, shopping is easy. Make sure to check the return policy.

If like me you like to try before you buy or simply like shops, then I hope you find those simple tips useful:

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

If you are going to try things on, wear clothes that slip on and off easily.

Take shopping bags  that have comfortable wide handles. There is nothing worse than handles cutting into your fingers all afternoon! Or wear gloves…

Make sure your shoulder bag doesn’t exceed 10% of your body weight. Use a small bag. Do not over fill it. Just take what you need.

Carry one shopping bag in each hand to give a balanced load. Balance the load in each bag.

If it is a big item that it cumbersome to carry, have it delivered or order it on line.

If you are buying heavier items such as cooking ware, candles, soaps or perfumes, think of using a backpack. Ideally choose a small or medium size bag with wide, padded straps to spread the load. Adjust the straps so the bag sits high on the back and close to the spine. Waist straps allow some of the weight to be taken on the pelvis. Heaviest items should be closest to the spine. Carry it on both shoulders.

Cases with wheels are also very practical and allow you to carry more weight. Keep the case and arm close to the body so your arm is not dragging behind, stressing the shoulder and neck. Change arm regularly!

Have an idea of what you are going to buy for who. Lists save time.

Vouchers are light to carry…

Happy shopping!!






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If you sit for hours at a desk, check it out!


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