June 2013

  • 9 June 2013

The art of running

Check out Michael Balk for beautiful and efficient running technique.


For running drills


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The art of stretching

Stretching is not about pulling your muscles. It is about relaxing them.

When holding a stretch, bring the body to a comfortable position and breathe, lengthening the breaths. The inhalation naturally lengthens the spine. When inhaling, send the breathe in the ribs and enjoy the feeling of space in the body. The exhalation naturally relaxes the body. When exhaling, enjoy ‘letting go’. Breathe out fully without forcing. The more you relax, the better your muscles release, the more flexible you become. You do not have to pull on the muscles.

Note: ‘Relaxed’ doesn’t mean ‘collapsed’. It means ‘with no unnecessary tensions’.

Practice breathing quietly holding the stretches for one minute minimum.

Enjoy stretching. It is relaxing!


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