• 18 September 2012

High heels management

Women do like their high heels! I know I do. The price we pay for them is often high in term of posture. High heels shorten your calves and increase the natural lumbar curve (lordosis) which can lead to ankle, knee or back pain.

Here are some very good tips I’ve picked up , so the price is not so dear…

Buying shoes:


Comfortable high heel shoe

High drop! Not so comfortable!

Christian Louboutin recently explained that it is not so much the height of the heel but the curvature of the foot that matters. High heels that respect a good foot curvature will be comfortable. The weight will be better distributed on the foot. You shouldn’t feel perched on the balls of the feet.


Check the heel width. Thicker heels are more stable so safer on your ankles.

Check the width of the shoe. If  you have wide feet, shop accordingly. When your foot is compressed in a shoe, the interossei muscles (muscles between the metatarsals) cannot function correctly and you will be more prone to loose your balance.

Make sure the shoes hold your feet well to avoid twisting your ankles and falling. Try heel grips, especially if you are wearing tights that slip.

Break your shoes progressively to avoid blisters!


You wear high heels to look sexy so walk well in them!

Stay upright. Do not lean forward! Keep your pelvis upright.

When wearing high heels, draw your sitting bones and tailbone in. Feel your buttocks lifting and the front of your hips opening, decompressing your lower back.

Fully straighten your knees! Many women walk with bent legs and bottom sticking out, looking like ageing ducks!

Don’t rush! Walk at a pace you can control with smaller steps, standing tall.



Stretch your calves and feet regularly! Check the exercise category for stretches.

If your feet are killing you afterwards, give your feet some TLC. They deserve it! If my feet are swollen or burning, I like a coldish soak to refresh the feet then drying them up with a warm towel, followed by a little foot massage with a relaxing foot cream. Heaven! You might prefer a warm soak…

Inserts can be helpful at taking the heat out of your feet as long as they don’t add more foot compression.

Minimise the time you spend in high heels. Have a pair of flat shoes in your bag so you can swap anytime.

Enjoy your high heels!