Save your wrists!

As we discussed in class, using a vertical mousse will decrease wrist and shoulder tension.

Using a vertical mouse releases elbow and wrist tension.

Avoid flaring the elbow. Keep the mouse close to you and keep the elbow down to relax the shoulder muscles.

According to all reviews, the best vertical mouse you can get is the Evoluent right handed vertical mouse 4 (4th generation). It takes a bit of time to get use to and is expensive but is really worth it if you type a lot. You will eventually save on physiotherapy or osteopathy bills!

Great review in PCmag by Nathalie Shoemaker

Think about how you hold out your arm when you’re about to shake someone’s hand, or how about the way your arms fall naturally to your side. The VerticalMouse’s design mimics this neutral hand posture, aligning the buttons vertically (as the name would suggest). The science makes sense: Rather than twisting your forearm to abide the requirements of a traditional mouse, the VerticalMouse lets your arm rest in a natural pose while you navigate.

The VerticalMouse 4 Small ($99.95 direct) is the next in Evoluent’s series of ergonomic mice. Though its design may look intimidating to casual consumers, believe me when I tell you that this mouse’s form factor is better for your overall hand health. Where some manufacturers use ergonomics as the mouse’s sole selling point and stop all other features there, the VerticalMouse adds browser buttons, a nice design, and customizable software on top of a navigating experience that is not only better for you but one of the smoothest in the consumer category. It’s for these reasons that we have awarded the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 the Editors’ Choice for ergonomic mice.

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There is another great review:

There are plenty of cheaper mice to choose from. But I would make sure there is a lip at the bottom edge to support your hand and avoid rubbing your little finger on the desk. I also like the thumb support. Your hand has to be able to relax. Gripping won’t do as it will create neck tension. Try them out. If you don’t like the mouse you bought, you can always return it!

Amazon offers a great choice and is usually cheaper than the professional websites. Still you can check as they offer good advice on ergonomics.

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