On your bike!

To conclude, Nina Jackson recommends:


General riding tips

1.   Always make sure that your knees are directly over your toes – don’t allow them to slant inwards or outwards, as this is very bad for them.

2.  Always ‘zip up your core’ when cycling. This allows your core to take the strain and not your back and legs.  This is particularly important when going up hills or pedalling on a long, flat straight.

3.  Never grip hard on your handlebars.  Consciously try to relax your grip, again, particularly when going up or down hill.  This will alleviate strain to your neck, shoulders and upper back

4.   Using toe clips or straps makes pedalling much easier as they enable you to pull up as well as push down, and when you go over bumps your feet won’t bounce off the pedals.

5.   After a ride, especially a long one, always remember to stretch throughout your body.




If you are only cycling short distances to and from your home, specialist cycle clothing is not necessary, however high viz and helmets have to be recommended at all times.

If you are going further afield certain items of clothing will make all the difference to your comfort:

  • Padded shorts (they can be worn under trousers or track suit bottoms     but NEVER wear knickers under your padded shorts)
  • Padded gloves
  • Specialist cycle top
  • Breathable, windproof and waterproof jacket


I hope this basic information will help you find enjoyment from your bike and please feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to help you further.

You can find my contact details on www.celebratedcyclejourneys.co.uk