Christmas wish list

Dear Father Christmas,


I’ve been good, working hard and playing hard.

Now my body would like a nice rest with good food and


  • A Sit Right® for my car seat
  • A Back Friend® for sitting well at the theatre
  • A vertical mousse for my computer (see post)
  • A laptop stand ( or portable table (some great tables on Amazon)
  • An ergonomic keyboard ( is full of options!)
  • A Back App® stool so I can sit comfortably at my desk
  • An ergonomic pack back (see post)


Stocking fillers

  • A foot roller
  • A massage ball
  • A neck stretcher (2 tennis balls could do the trick!)
  • A voucher for a Posture4u workshop or Pilates classes


All the above can be bought on the internet, just a quick google search away!

If you would like a voucher, just email me.


Merry Christmas!!!