Sit Right!

The JML Sit Right


I love my Sit Right for my car seats. I drive a VW Beetle which is a very cute car, so perfect to advertise Posture4U, but not so perfect for my back! The seats are bucket seats so make you slouch. The Sit Right fills up the gap between my back and the seat so I can sit upright. Which is what I want when I advertise Posture4U!



The JML sit right with both straps cut.

For sitting on a desk chair, the Sit Right would be too curved for me. It would make my hips and ribs flare out, accentuating my lordosis (the lower back arch). If I was using a desk chair, I would cut the two straps to decrease the Sit Right curve so it would give me support without pushing me forward.

But I’d rather sit on my Backapp stool!


JML Sit Right as advertised.


When using a Sit Right, check the depth of your seat and the shape of your spine! You might need to cut the straps…

You can buy it on Amazon for £8.99.