Sit better, work better!

I went to the Back Pain show – Olympia on Saturday. The show was quite busy, offering different kinds of massage, treatments and workshops. You could also try all the expensive gimmicks to release back pain without moving. Only two stalls, one yoga, one Pilates, representing exercise and movement. When of course, as research has proven, the best cure for back pain is moving!

It gave me the opportunity to try out new chairs. As we spend a lot of time sitting, the right chair is essential.

As you know my favorite is the Back App stool which was very well represented at the show, also appearing on the Backcare (‘the charity for healthier back’) stand. The Back app stool is a moveable saddle sit which allow subtle movements in the spine while sitting. The spine doesn’t get locked in one position so the muscles activate, the ‘core’ engages and the intervertebral discs get hydrated. It is a healthiest way to sit.

If you would rather sit on a chair, then try It has a moveable sit, is nicely designed, adjustable (height, lower back support, arm rests) and has a ‘Stop and Move’ option, so like the Backapp stool you can stop the motion if you get tired. When you go on their website you will see a ‘dynamic sitting’ position, involving leaning forward. I wouldn’t advocate to stay in this position for long, especially if you have to chin up to read the screen. Your back and neck muscles will tire so fascia will tighten to keep you in place. You’ll end up with s stiff back. Sit upright! The ‘traditional static sitting’ position is just bad sitting really. You can sit better than this on a traditional chair…

If you don’t like the idea of moveable sit, the Waldron chairs are traditional looking and “fully adjustable for best postural fit”. I don’t think you can adjust a chair more than that! They specialise in office chair refurbishment and do Xtra range seating for larger users. Check for more info.

Sit better, work better! Don’t forget to take breaks!