Up and running

Zero to Hero (5K run in six weeks) challenge – it works!

I used to be a good runner in my teens and loved it. I liked being in the ‘zone’ which felt like active meditation. No thinking, just running. I hadn’t run for 20 years but felt like starting again. I picked up the Up and Running program and it seemed like a good plan, so I followed it to the letter.

The program is very well designed. It starts with 10 minutes of walking mixed with running, so is not daunting and gives you enough time to find your pace.  Frankly when you haven’t run for a while, it is plenty. You’ll be surprised on how hard it feels!

It then builds steadily to a fairly challenging time for a beginner. Each session challenges you enough without exhausting you. The last two minutes always seemed very long and were pushing me to the limit. They always felt difficult but feasible.

The 5K run was difficult because I’m not a fast runner and it took me more than the 30 minutes expected.

To my surprise the challenge was not cardiovascular but retraining my muscles to move at faster pace, especially my hamstrings.

But I did it, thanks to my friend Phoebe. I would highly recommend doing it with a friend. Phoebe and I didn’t do all the sessions together but we supported each other throughout the six weeks. If you miss a session, you let your friend and yourself down. So sharing it with a friend makes you stick to the program.

I’m used to one hour and a half to two hours session so 10 to 30 minutes felt like a short training session. It is very easy to fit it in your day.

All in all the program has enabled me to go back to running. Every session I achieved was a little success, quite easily attained, so very satisfying. It built my confidence, stamina and strength, and got me into a routine. I’m running 3 times a week for a while and will see where it takes me…

If you want to start running, just trust the program and feel a hero!

Zero to hero training