Skin Cancer Advice

REPs (REgister of Exercises Professionals) is proud to support the Habia Skills Academy (HSA) Skin Cancer Awareness campaign and asks members to remember the ABCDE this summer: five important steps to identifying skin cancer that can save someone’s life.

The five steps of ABCDE: 

A – Asymmetry: Normal moles or freckles are completely symmetrical
B – Border: A mole or spot with blurry and/or jagged edges
C – Colour: A mole that is more than one hue is suspicious and needs to be evaluated by a doctor
D – Diameter: If it is larger than ¼ inch or 6mm, it needs to be examined by a doctor
E – Elevation: Elevation means the mole is raised above the surface and has an uneven surface.

Skin cancer remains the fastest growing cancer in the UK (over 100,000 cases diagnosed annually), especially amongst young people. However, the chances of a positive outcome can be dramatically increased if it is caught early.