Christmas stretches

Don’t forget to keep your body moving during the break to avoid accumulation of tension and pain. It doesn’t take long and is pleasant!

1. Head rolls and Head press in the hands to stretch your neck.


2. Door stretches to stretch your chest and avoid rounded shoulders.








3. Cat stretch or sitting / standing roll down to stretch your spine.






4. Spinal twist sitting on the floor on the floor or siting on a chair or standing to stretch your sides.







5. Pelvic clocks and Spine curls (Lifting your bottom off the floor articulating the spine) to loosen your lower back.







6. Pelvis press or Lunge stretch to stretch your hip flexors and quads (front thighs).








7. Downdog or Forward bend to stretch your hamstrings and calves (back of the thighs).

  1. IMG_0166





That will do!