• 21 January 2014

12 tips for good posture

Remember good posture is essential to good health. A little body awareness goes a long way…


  1. Stand, sit and walk tall.
  2. Don’t poke your head forward. Keep your ears on top of your shoulders. Your chin is neither up or down. Lift the back of your head. The neck feels long but not pulled.
  3. When walking or static, gaze at the horizon and train your peripheral vision. When at the computer, you should look slightly down at the screen.
  4. Keep your shoulders relaxed down on the ribcage. Avoid shrugging. Don’t roll your shoulders back!
  5. Never slouch.
  6. Don’t flare your ribs out. Your ribs should be directly on top of your pelvis.
  7. Breathe in your ribs where your lungs are, not in your tummy where your guts are.
  8. Keep your tummy scooped in. Don’t let your guts hang. Don’t tighten your abdomen.
  9. Keep your elbows close to your body when holding a mouse or driving wheel. Don’t flare them.
  10. Don’t grip handles, wheel or mousse. Hold them softly.
  11. When standing, lift your buttocks to keep your pelvis upright.  Don’t clench them to tuck it in.
  12. Your body is designed to move so stay active!