10 tips to better your Pilates class

  1. It is the mind that builds the body: This is a mind-body technique. Think about what you are doing. Concentrate!
  2. Think ‘posture’. Take the time to align yourself well before moving. The starting position is as important as the exercise. Start wrong and all goes wrong.
  3. Breathing correctly is crucial. Breathe in through the nose, like smelling flowers not sniffing. This will send the air at the bottom of your lungs/ribs. Breathe out ‘with your tummy’ through the mouth, sighing not blowing. Fully exhale.
  4. Core strength is not about gripping your tummy in. It is far more subtle than that. Stay tuned and I will show you how!
  5. Don’t grip, clench or tighten any of your muscles. You will compress the joints if you do and loose range of movement.
  6. Think ‘tall’. Elongate the spine without pulling on any part. Creating space between the vertebrae, decompressing the discs allow the spine to move better.
  7. Quality of movement comes before quantity. Few repetitions well done are better than plenty rushed ones.
  8. Be relaxed. Relaxed doesn’t mean collapsed; it means moving flowingly without creating unnecessary tension.
  9. Forget “no pain, no gain”. Only masochists like pain! Effort = yes, pain = no! Enjoy!
  10. Practice regularly. You’ll get hooked, your body will crave Pilates and you’ll live better longer!