12 tips to make the most of your work out

  1.  Buy the the right kit but avoid unnecessary gadgets. Put your gear on, put down your mat and get ready!
  2. Have a plan. Know what you want to achieve and research the best way (not always the fastest) to get there.
  3. Avoid static stretches before you start. Moving the body (mobility) is better as a warm up.
  4. Watch for the obsession with abs work. A whole over body work is preferable. Crunchies are not the best exercise for abs. Think postural strength (check earlier posts/blog).
  5. Know your limitations. If you do too much too soon, you will injure yourself. Work progressively.
  6. Resistance training is good for you. It doesn’t have bulk you up. Ask a professional to help you with how much you can safely lift.
  7. Change your work out regularly to avoid boredom. Don’t go on to automatic pilot. Surprise your body!
  8. Rest between workouts. Your body will need recovery time, especially if you haven’t moved in a while.
  9. Have the right diet to complement your new exercise regime and hydrate!
  10. Reward yourself healthily.
  11. Renew your goals regularly.
  12. Don’t ignore niggling pains. A bit of stiffness the next day is OK but not pain! Listen to your body and adapt the workout accordingly.