• 28 August 2012


Too many people hurt themselves unnecessarily through bad postural habits. As a pilates teacher (since 1999) and a back4good® practitioner, I deal with it daily!

Recently I’ve noticed that my clientele is getting younger, fit 30 year old men with slipped discs! This is an extremely painful and debilitating situation. Forget footy at the week end with the mates, playing with the young children or sitting at a desk working. Welcome to a very vicious circle where you need to move to get better, but can’t because of pain.

The cause of their downfall is too much slouching: slouching at the desk, slouching in their car or public transport, slouching on the sofa…. The workouts in the gym and sports don’t make up for the hours of slouching!

Postural awareness and the correct choice of postural exercises see them through but it takes time and patience. They all make the same remark:”I wish someone would have told me earlier!”.


So I created Posture4U (workshops to teach the fundamentals of good posture and ergonomics) and Posture4Me (one-to-one postural evaluation, exercise program and ergonomics for people who prefer or need personal attention). For more information: www.posture4u.co.uk


This is the blog, full of useful tips to avoid bad postural habits that could lead to pain.

I know my stuff!

You can trust my judgement and expertise.  I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1992, teaching Pilates and Yoga since 1999 and becoming a Back4Good practitioner, the latest training for chronic lower back pain in 2011.

I’ve been running a very professional Pilates/Yoga/Dance studio in Barnes, London, since 2003. I’ve ‘fixed’ an impressive number of bodies since then. So you are in good hands!