• 28 August 2012

It’s all good!

It is important to be aware of your posture as it can affect your entire health.

Good posture is when your body stands and moves without unnecessary muscle tension and with minimum stress on the joints. The body moves in a relaxed manner, gracefully and effortlessly.

Bad posture wears you down and is tiring. It puts you at risk of injuring your spine and harming your body.

Good posture is crucial to your well-being.

  • Good for your joints: It counteracts the compression on the joints caused by gravity, so prevents wear and tear.
  • Good movement: It allows efficient movement so the body wastes less energy.
  • Good for your heart: It allows proper breathing and improves circulation, so lessens stress on the heart.
  • Good for your digestion: It creates space for the internal organs to function efficiently.
  • Good for your nerves: It calms the nervous system as the overall stress on the body is decreased.
  • Look good! It makes you look better and feel more confident.
  • Feel good! It lifts your mood and improves emotional well-being.

It is easy to learn and requires little effort to maintain! Stay tuned!