• “As I sit (correctly!) at my desk I just want to thank you for a terrific session today. You managed to get a great deal of valuable information over without overload. We had a supervised opportunity to practise some of the positions and movements essential for developing and maintaining good posture. Ergonomic furniture and equipment are useful but they will not solve health problems alone. Each person must take responsibility for practising good movement and posture until it becomes second nature and the type of training that you provide would set anyone, of whatever age and with any occupation, on the right track. It was good to see that one can do much with props adapted from what people have in their houses and can keep in their offices easily.”
    Sally Field
  • “A very informative and well structured workshop. The information provided was concise, relevant and very helpful in better understanding my back problems and how a better posture leads to better breathing and can undoubtedly help your overall well-being (which I always took for granted). I personally found the posture and remedial exercises to be valuable. Murielle's expertise, knowledge is clear and shared it in a warm and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone with existing or potential back problems!”
    Stefan Hoppe
    VP Marketing
  • “Loads of info. I enjoyed the explanation of the vertebrates and spine using the skeleton as you made it sound really easy to understand. It really made me aware of some of the very basic things we all do every day that contribute to back ache. (I'm sitting properly as I type this!) You made it very real and discussed lots of everyday things. All in all a really helpful and useful workshop which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.”
    Nicky Dyer
    Massage therapist
  • “Having done Pilates for years I was not sure how much information I would get out of the workshop. I was happily surprised to find out so much more about my individual posture and how I could make adjustments while walking, sitting and working. I have already put into action the exercises that apply to me the most, and concentrated so much more on how I am while carrying out day to day tasks. I highly recommend the Posture 4 U workshop. It is good value and time well spent.”
    Helen Bantock
    Web Designer

Posture4U workshops

Exercising in the gym doesn’t make up for hours of slouching.

Posture4U are short workshops that teach the fundamentals of good posture. They show how your body is designed to work in everyday life and how you can adjust your habits and environment so that you remain comfortable and avoid long-term damage, pain and injury.

Do the workshop once and benefit for life!

The workshops, suitable for everyone of 16 and over, cover:

  • •  How is my spine built? How can I keep it ‘straight’ effortlessly?
  • •  How can I keep my joints healthy?
  • •  How can I stay comfortable when sitting or standing for long periods?
  • •  How can I choose the right desk, chairs and bed for my body?
  • •  How can I manage simple back and neck pain?
  • •  All other questions you bring on the day!

Next workshop:

Teens Workshop

Modern technology is taking its toll on young backs and necks. More teenagers are suffering from back and neck pain from using phones, tablets and computers.


The Posture4U™ workshop teaches teenagers how to rebalance their posture, how to adapt their environment and how to release accumulated tension to avoid long term injury and chronic pain.

at The Garage Studio
on Thursday October 20th 2016
from 6pm to 730pm.
The workshop is only for 16 years old +

Payable in advance by electronic transfer or cheque/cash on the day.

Email info@posture4u.co.uk
for bookings and further information